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Your 420 Vape headquarters is at HQ Vape & Smoke in Tempe. HQ Smoke & Vape carries a wide assortment of 420 vape products and accessories. Whether you’re looking for a portable 420 wax or oil vape pens, or a stationary vaporizer, HQ Vape & Smoke has got you covered.
HQ Vape & Smoke carries the best 420 vaporizers from your favorite brands.


PAX2, PAX3, Firefly 2, Magic Flight Lunch Box, Magic Flight Light Box Muad DIB, Da Vinci IQ, HydroLogy 9, Vapium Summit Plus, Flytlab LYFT, Flylab H2FLO, Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic, Storz & Bickel Volcano Digital, Storz & Bickel Mighty, Storz & Bickel Crafty, Storz & Bickel Plenty, HerbalAire H3, Airizer Extreme Q, Airizer Air, Airizer Solo, Airizer Solo II, Hot Box Vape, 7th floor Silver Surfer, 7th floor Budha, Vapor Brothers, Chong’s Choice, RAW Desktop Vape, Gladiator Series, Vaportech Baker, Vaportech Baker 2.0, XVape Starry, Vaportech herbster


XVape Cricket, Vaportech Dabster, Vaportech Pro, Vaportech Slim Wax, Vaportech Slim Oil, Vaportech Slim oil 2.0, Vaportech slim Oil tanks, Ooze Vapes, Ooze Dual quartz wax domes, Ooze Vape twist variable volt batteries, Ooze slim auto battery, Greenlight G9 (original), Greenlight G9 TCPort, Pulsar APX, Pulsar APX wax, Pulsar Barb Fire, Atmos greedy vape, YoCan Evolve, YoCan Evolve Plus, YoCan Magneto, Ripper, This Thing Rips!, Ripper OG Four 2.0 !, Dr Dabber Aurora, Dip Stick, dNail, eNail, G9 eNail, RedLine eNail, RedLine pro eNail, Dissorderly Conduction eNail, Health Stone Glass, O-Pen, the original oPen, oPen variable volt, GRAV fire button, KandyPens Donuts, KandyPens Galaxy,  KandyPens Slim battery, KandyPens Ice Cream Man, KandyPens Gravity, G Pen Slim, G Pen Original, G Pen Pizzanista, PuffCo Peak, PuffCo Plus, cCell palm, cCell slim battery, cCell tank, LoKey battery & many more

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The Puffco Peak

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KandyPens Rubi Chic

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