Your 420 Vape headquarters is at HQ Vape & Smoke in Tempe and Denver. We carry a huge assortment of 420 vape products and accessories for wax, flower, oils and more. Whether you’re looking for a portable 420 wax or oil vape pens, or a stationary vaporizer, HQ Vape & Smoke has you covered. Visit us today!

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420 Vapes & Pens for Flower, Concentrates & More!

420 Vape devices are specifically for Leaf, Concentrated Wax, or Oils. Vaping is quickly becoming the smart method of choice for those wanting to enjoy the flavors and benefit out of their preferred blend.

Vapes can be the easiest way for those with busy schedules to enjoy their blend anytime, anywhere. HQ Vape & Smoke’s 420 vape selection has the perfect match for everyone. Beginning vapers are sure to appreciate the ease of use much of the collection has to offer, while experienced vapers will enjoy customizing their accessories for a more powerful, personalized experience. Whether you just want a simple, easy vaping experience or want to build a vaporizer that really helps you express your personality when you vape, HQ Vape & Smoke has you covered.

A Vape Pen Style for Everyone

HQ Vape & Smoke in Tempe and Denver has a huge selection of 420 vape models and accessories, which is excellent for buyers looking to check out their options. For some newcomers, choosing one of these excellent products can be challenging. The most important thing to ask yourself before choosing your vape is “What sort of experience do I want when I vape?” Do you want something discreet? Something flashy? Something practical? Hammering out these details is the best way to ensure you are getting a vape that is a right fit for the experience you want to have. At HQ Vape & Smoke, you will find a number of options:

  • Pocket vapes
  • Vape pens
  • Water cooled vapes
  • Stationary desktop vaporizers

You should consider various different factors when choosing your new vape. Power, portability, and potency should be your top concerns, but if style is a major factor for you, don’t worry – many of the vapes sold here at HQ Vape & Smoke come in an array of colors and styles, so you’re sure to get the perfect match no matter which model you end up choosing.

Desktop vs. Portable Vaporizers

The vapes at HQ Vape & Smoke can be separated into two main categories: stationary (or “desktop”) or portable. They both get the job done, but the operation of each is different. Stationary vapes, for example, are better for sharing and for bigger vape production, but are plugged in. While there is no concern of running out of battery power, desktops are larger and you do need to be near a power source. The desktop varieties utilize many features not available in the portable category. Volcano, one of the most popular desktop brands, can fill bags with vapor, or eNails which keep a dish or banger at the proper heat level for instant use with rigs and dabbers. Due to popular demand, most of the vapes out there are made to be portable. When choosing a portable option, you want to consider your preference whether it is size, durability, ease of use, taste quality, battery life, or brand so your experience fits your personal needs and style. Each option has its pros and cons, and it’s up to you to decide which type of vape best suits your needs.

Better Brands, Better Vapes

When you purchase a vape, you want one that’s not going to die out on you within a few uses, and that will continue to deliver the promised results for an extended period of time. That is why HQ Vape & Smoke only offers the best vapes from the best, well known, and reputable 420 vape brands that stand behind their quality products. When you buy from this selection, you can be sure you are getting the quality results you want without worrying about anything sub-par.

Endless Options

The customizability of your vaping experience does not stop at the color of the device you choose or even the options you select. HQ Vape & Smoke offers products that handle more than just vape and smoke, including those that allow you to easily use leaf, oils, wax, and concentrates. These options are available so you’ll be able to enjoy the vape you prefer, regardless of what sort of product you are most accustomed to using.

Discreet pens, desktop vapes, highly-customized pocket vapes, and box mods – you can find them all at HQ Vape & Smoke. The 420 Vapes available on this website are just a small part of the whole selection, and new items are always arriving. Please give us a call at (480) 966-6093 or stop by HQ Vape & Smoke in Tempe, AZ to find your perfect vape for a pristine experience, or contact HQ Vape and Smoke if you have any questions about the products for sale in our shop.


HQ Vape & Smoke carries the best 420 vaporizers from your favorite brands like….


OIL Vaporizers

Vaportech Slim Auto, Slim Variable Voltage Button and Slim Twist, Vaportech Auto Box, Vaportech Slim, Vaportech Heat, Ooze Twist Variable Voltage, Ooze Slim Auto, Ooze Button Variable Voltage, Octo Athena, Octo Achilles, Octo Slim, Octo E.D.C., Brass Knuckles, Jupiter Ccell slim,Jupiter Ccell Palm, Jupiter Ccell Silo, LoKey, O. Pen Slim, O. Pen 2.0, O. Pen ‘ish’


Wax Vaporizers

PAX 3, Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid, YoCan Evolve, YoCan Evolve Plus, YoCan Evolve Plus Arsenal, YoCan Evolve Plus XL, YoCan Loaded, YoCan Dive, YoCan Trio, YoCan The One, YoCan Torch, YoCan Magneto, Octo Athena, Octo Achilles, Kandy Pen Prizim, Kandy Pen Crystal, Grenco G pen Nova, Grenco G Pen Connect, Health Stone Glass, dNail, Hyer Portable E Nail, Red Line Pro, Puffco Peak, Focus V Carta, Kandy pen Aura, Pulsar ROK


Leaf Vaporizers

PAX 3, PAX 2, Storz & Bickel Volcano (Analog, Digital, Hybrid), Storz & Bickel Mighty, Storz & Bickel Crafty, Storz & Bickel Plenty, Hydrology 9, HerbalAire H3, Airizer Extreme Q, Airizer V-Tower, Airizer Air 1 & 2, Airizer Solo 1 & 2, Airizer Argo, Hot Box Vape, Vapor Brothers, RAW Desktop Vape, Vaportech Baker 2.0


Electronic Rigs aka eRig Vaporizers

Puffco Peak Pro

Puffco Peak: Original, Neon, Medusa

Focus V Carta: Original and Special Limited Editions

Pulsar: ROK



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