What You’ll Learn

As you read this introductory guide to vaping concentrates, you’ll learn:

    • How to vape concentrates, including all of the accessories you’ll need for a great experience
    • Which types of dab pens are best for people of all experience levels
    • How to decide between vape pens, desktop vapes, and all of the various dab rigs

What Are Concentrates?

Concentrates are the primary example of just how far the legal cannabis industry has come within the United States. 

Whether you’re finding CBD concentrates, THC concentrates, or both, these substances offer significantly higher cannabinoid levels than you could ever get from even the best raw plant material. 

Herbal concentrates, also known as dabs, are highly refined products that contain concentrated levels of the most desirable ingredients found in natural cannabis. 

More specifically, these concentrates contain high levels of THC (or CBD if that’s the type you prefer) in addition to flavorful terpenes.

What are the Benefits of Concentrates?

Now that you know what concentrates are, you can probably guess why so many different people are switching to them. 

Dabs are becoming one of the most popular ways to enjoy legal herbal products, and concentrate sales may even surpass the sales of flower and edibles within the next few years. 

If you ask someone why they love vaping concentrates so much, you’re likely to hear one of a few different answers:

1. Concentrates are discrete. Some people like to be able to enjoy their legal herbs without announcing it to everyone else in the area, but traditional products put off a strong and unmistakable smell. Vaped concentrates, on the other hand, don’t produce nearly as much smell. This allows you to do your thing with a good deal of discretion, which is nice even when what you’re doing is perfectly legal.

2. Concentrates taste great. The increased flavor is yet another important reason people love concentrates so much. Depending on the specific type of concentrate you choose, your concentrates are likely to have high levels of terpenes, which gives them a pleasant, almost juicy flavor. Since some ingredients have been removed, you’ll also be getting less of that bitter, grassy taste.

3. Concentrates give stronger hits. As the name suggests, concentrates are refined to contain very concentrated levels of the most important ingredients from the raw plant material. That means you’re not inhaling chlorophyll and other unwanted parts of the plant. Instead, you’re getting exactly what you wanted in the first place, and many concentrates have cannabinoid levels as high as 80%. As a result, you won’t need nearly as much of your concentrate to get the same effects as you’d expect from a much larger amount of flower.

Can You Put Concentrate in a Vape Pen?

Yes, you can. Most vapes are made specifically with concentrates in mind, and dry herb vaporizers are actually significantly less common. 

Since most types of vaporizers were made for concentrates, they’re among the best ways to enjoy concentrates, especially for people who appreciate purity. As opposed to adding concentrates to other ground material in a pipe or rolling paper, using a vape pen or dab rig will lead to a much more intense experience. 

Is a Dab Pen Good for Beginners?

If you’re just learning how to vape concentrates, dab pens might actually be the easiest option for you. While many types of dab rigs and tabletop vaporizers are also easy to use, there’s just no beating the convenience of a vape pen. 

All you have to do to enjoy your dab pen is load it with the appropriate type of concentrate, press a button to turn it on and puff away.

Best Types of Dab Pens

Some refillable vape pens offer lots of flexibility because they can be filled with many different types of concentrates. For example, you may want to add your favorite legal wax, live resin, distillate, or something similar. 

Other dab pens for beginners can be paired with disposable cartridges. This doesn’t provide as much flexibility, but it does offer an entirely new level of convenience.

Suppose you’re a beginner who doesn’t want to have to learn how to handle all of the different concentrates effectively. 

In that case, it might make sense to choose a disposable dab pen or a rechargeable battery that can be paired with disposable cartridges. 

If you want to be able to use more types of concentrates while also limiting your waste, however, a reusable and refillable dab pen might be your best bet. Either way, you can find a vape shop location near you to talk with an experienced dab expert about all of your options.

How to Vape Concentrates

The exact method for vaping will depend slightly on the type of concentrate you choose. As mentioned above, dab pens have become incredibly popular in recent years. These small devices might also be called pocket vape pens.

 If you’re looking for a more robust solution to use at home, you may be more interested in a water-cooled vape or dab rig. 

If you’re looking for something unique as well as portable, try a nectar collector, also known as a dab straw. The RoadRunner, made in AZ by HomeBlown Glass, is a popular example of these.

Some vapes require a torch to heat up, but you can also find e-rigs or e-nails that simplify the process by using electricity. No matter which type of device you ultimately choose, make sure you buy from a reliable vape brand and get all of the accessories you need.

Best Concentrates to Vape

Some people like to buy the perfect device for their favorite types of concentrates, while others look for concentrates that can work perfectly in their vape. 

In either case, it’s important to make sure your concentrate and your device are a good fit for each other. To that end, we recommend familiarizing yourself with some of the most basic types of concentrates:

    • Wax – This concentrate is one of the most popular choices because it’s so easy to work with.
    • Distillate – Pure liquid; this is what’s in most refillable vape tanks.
    • Budder – As far as soft, easy concentrates go, this one is toward the top of the list.
    • Shatter – Hard and easy to break; this glass concentrate is beautiful but can be hard to work with.
    • Live Resin – This soft, liquidy option is known for offering exceptional taste and being easy to handle.
    • Crumble – This is somewhat of a cross between shatter and budder. It’s breakable but still softer and less fragile than shatter is. It’s one of the easiest options to handle for refillable vapes.

What Is 710?

710 is like the new 420, but for dabs. 710 looks like OIL written upside down, which is why the number has become slang for concentrates. 

7/10 is becoming something of a dab holiday, too. While 4/20 is already very popular, we’re expecting 7/10 to get a lot of attention in the near future.

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