It’s not just your imagination-vaping has been everywhere over the past few years. Often used as a safer replacement for those who want to quit smoking, vapes provide nicotine without the tobacco and chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. Vape liquid, often called e-juice, is available in tobacco and menthol varieties along with an endless variety of fruit and dessert flavors. If you’re curious about learning more, read on for answers to the most common questions we get here at HQ Vape & Smoke about vaping.

How Does Vaping Work?

Although many types of vapes are available, they all share four basic components:

  • The tank, which stores your e-liquid so it can be vaporized. Both refillable and disposable tanks are available depending on the type of vape device.
  • The atomizer, which contains the vape’s heating coil. When the battery is activated, the atomizer heats the liquid in the tank, transforming it to inhalable vapor.
  • The battery, which triggers the atomizer to heat up to the designated temperature. Most vape batteries are rechargeable, and some are shaped like a sleek, portable pen device.
  • The mouthpiece attached to the tank. This allows the user to inhale the vaporized e-juice.

What Is eLiquid Made of?

Like vape devices themselves, vape liquids come in nearly infinite varieties. And like vaporizers, most juices share several basic components:

  • Either propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or a blend of the two ingredients. These safe, common chemicals create the clouds of vapor users can exhale. PG offers an intense throat hit and flavor while VG creates bigger vape clouds. Many vapers have a preference for one or the other.
  • Natural and/or chemical flavoring. Get an authentic cigarette experience or opt for a sweet, fruity burst when you inhale your vape liquid of choice.
  • Nicotine, which eliminates smokers’ cravings without the chemicals and carcinogens of cigarettes. Vapers can choose from a range of nicotine levels, including eLiquid blends with no nicotine content.

Learn how to care for your vape device.

Are Health Risks Associated with Vaping?

Clinical research indicates that vaping significantly decreases the health risks associated with smoking, including but not limited to cancer and heart disease. In fact, British Public Health reported in 2015 that vapes are 95% safer than cigarettes. The UK agency also said that about 68% of smokers who switched to a vape were successfully able to quit cigarettes.

There is now substantial evidence, both from clinical trials and real-world studies, that e-cigarettes are as effective as other proven cessation medications and have helped millions of smokers, who have struggled to stop with other means, to quit cigarettes for good.

-Lion Shahab, Professor of Health Psychology at University College London

What Types of Vapes Are Available?

From simple pen styles to complicated rigs with multiple tanks, the wide array of vape designs truly allows users to customize the experience. Some of the most common types include:

  • Portable, discreet vapes with a pen-shaped battery and disposable or refillable cartridges
  • Pod vapes with plug and play cartridges
  • Box mods with enhanced vape performance and battery life
  • Modifiable vapes with rebuildable coils also known as atomizers.

Image Credit: Getty Images / gawriloff

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