What You’ll Learn

As you read this review of CCELL vapes, you’ll learn:

  • This brand is setting a new standard for hardware and technology, which helps them create some of the best vapes on the market.
  • CCELL vapes use ceramic heating elements instead of the old wick-based coils, which helps draw maximum flavor and potency from various extracts.
  • Vapes with ceramic heating elements are known to deliver pure flavor from the very first puff, unlike many older vapes that may require several puffs to launch.

Are CCELL Vapes Worth It?

Vaporizers come in many shapes and sizes, but CCELL is one of the best brands on the market, no matter how you slice them. When it comes to vaporizers, there are a few primary benefits our customers generally say they’re looking for:

  • They want something without the tar, carbon monoxide, and other harmful toxins that are typically found in smoke.
  • They want something more efficient, especially because many people have noticed that they can use 30-40% less material when vaping instead of smoking.
  • They want something that’s more covert and doesn’t leave such an obvious smell in the air.
  • They want something small enough that it doesn’t take up a ton of space.

When you consider the list of benefits above, you’ll find that most of the best vapes on the market can satisfy these requirements. Still, CCELL has been getting a lot of recognition for being revolutionary for the industry. To understand what makes this product even more advanced and impressive than other options on the market, consider what makes these vape pens different from others.

What Makes CCELL Vapes Different?

CCELL produces ceramic heating elements that are designed to replace conventional wick-based coils. The theory is that this will release purer flavors, get more out of the extracts, and handle many different types of concentrates with varying viscosity. A lot is going on with these vapes, but it all starts with the unique ceramic used.

The team behind these vapes uses a special manufacturing process that uses high heat to create a patented type of ceramic. This special ceramic contains many nanoscopic inlet holes, which helps it absorb, store, and vaporize even the most viscous oil. The embedded coil was also designed with ideal resistance and equivalent gaps. These features combine with the powerful CCELL batteries to provide all of the following:

  • Maximum efficiency and vapor production
  • Even heat distribution for consistent vapor
  • Large vapor volume
  • Steady performance to maximize flavor purity as well as potency

You don’t have to be a scientist to appreciate the intricacy that goes into every single product CCELL produces and sells. Just consider where and how their vapes are made, and it will become clear that this operation is a step above what you might expect from most other vape companies.

How Are CCELL Vapes Made?

This company has a research and development center that spans more than 10,000 square feet. More than 260 engineers are working for CCELL, each bringing their own special set of skills, education, and ideas. That’s part of the reason that the innovative vape company has already been awarded over 400 patents on different pieces of vaporizing technology.

In addition to all of their intellectual property, CCELL leverages a precise testing procedure. The Manufacture Executive System carefully monitors the quality of everything from raw materials to finished products. They also have a commitment to hygiene and safety, going so far as to claim that theirs is the first dust-free workshop in the entire industry. Furthermore, their facilities meet the highest Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) standards for production facilities, which is how they can keep quality so high even as they produce a massive amount of units.

CCELL Vape Reviews

The biggest thing reviewers note is that, unlike wick-based technology, the ceramic heating elements in CCELL vapes don’t ruin good oil by giving it a burnt taste. The performance is also more consistent than what you can get from vapes with wicks, especially when it comes to popular extracts with high viscosity. That’s a big part of the reason CCELL gets such positive feedback from other companies and individual customers alike:

  • OutCo is a vape oil production company, and they’ve said that they only trust CCELL to produce cartridges that can match the quality of their oils.
  • OGZ Holdings, another vape oil production company, echoes the sentiment, saying that the centered atomizer in CCELL cartridges yields the most consistent draws and flavor.
  • Sea Dub Extracts adds that CCELL provides the lowest leak/defect rate in addition to the best vapor production. They even add that this quality beats every other atomizer out there while having a reasonable enough price to offer terrific value even while selling the ultimate product.

It says a lot that other companies in the industry have recognized CCELL for being the best. Still, you don’t just have to listen to other brands. Individuals have also noted that these are some of the best vapes in the world. When you talk to existing customers, you’re likely to hear reviews like the following:

  • Patented Technology – CCELL’s focus on pursuing patents does a few things for customers. For one thing, it shows that the brand is committed to a scientific level of excellence, and they’re operating as a very legitimate business. It also means that the engineering efforts behind these ceramic heating elements don’t have to be secret since it isn’t legal to copy them. This enables the company to be very straightforward and honest with customers.
  • Compact Size – Compared to other vapes that offer such great quality, the options from CCELL are fairly small. They create the same quality of vapor as many tabletop options, but they’re sleek enough to take with you on the go.
  • Ease of Use – Some vapes take a while to heat up, and it can be difficult to tell when they’re even ready. CCELL, on the other hand, can be activated just by inhaling, and the cartridge heats up immediately, so there’s no waiting period before you can enjoy the premium vapor.
  • Consistency – When you buy a CCELL vape, you can count on getting the same flavor and performance every single time.
  • No Leaky Cartridges – Don’t worry about making a mess to enjoy the pure flavor and consistent vapor.
  • Quick Assembly – No matter which type you choose, it’s easy and intuitive to put it together.
  • Long Battery Life – People often complain about the short battery life of other vapes, but CCELL produces batteries that last longer and are more dependable.

Do CCELL Cartridges Work With Any Battery?

CCELL makes 510 threaded carts, which means you can use them with just about any battery. Still, most customers like to pair CCELL cartridges with CCELL batteries for two primary reasons:

  • The company makes vape systems that pair together perfectly.
  • It’s hard to find any better options for either carts or batteries.

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