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If you’re interested in vaping at all, there’s a good chance you’ve heard a lot about nicotine salt. Nicotine salts form naturally in leaf tobacco, and most people generally consider this form of nicotine to be more stable than other types of freebase nicotine found in many e-liquids. Nic salts have been becoming more popular in the industry over the course of the last few years, and we’re starting to see more and more options for high-quality products. One of the best things about nicotine salts is that they can deliver higher levels of nicotine without becoming excessively harsh. They’re especially popular among people who want to reproduce the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette.

What is Nicotine Salt?

Nic salts contain an ingredient called benzoic acid, which helps make these products smoother and better-tasting even with higher concentrations of nicotine. Benzoic acid lowers the pH levels in e-liquid, which helps make the hit smoother and more enjoyable. It also helps nic salts vaporize at much lower temperatures and helps the nicotine be absorbed more easily by the body. This is a huge development because nicotine salts used to require much higher temperatures than freebase nicotine, and it used to be more difficult for the body to process nicotine salts. 

Nic Salts vs. Freebased Nicotine

Most people who choose nicotine salt over freebase nicotine do so because they say the hit is less harsh and intense. This is largely because freebase nicotine starts to get a much higher pH level as the level of nicotine increases. Benzoic acid helps keep the pH level lower. If you’re looking for e-liquid with high levels of nicotine, nic salts with benzoic acid will allow you to achieve that while keeping the vapor smooth and pleasant.

Why Should I Choose Nic Salts?

People who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes and switch to vaping instead generally find that nic salts are more effective at helping them curb cravings and kick the habit. The higher nicotine content in nic salts is helpful for two reasons:

  • It delivers a hit that feels more like what you’d get from a cigarette, allowing people to recreate the sensation more closely.
  • Simply put, nic salts deliver more nicotine, which helps reduce the cravings that might otherwise drive people to go back to cigarettes.

Since nicotine salts are so much more powerful and efficient, they can also be consumed using simpler devices. That means you don’t have to carry around a massive device because low-wattage devices will do. Since you’re getting a more concentrated form of nicotine, you won’t have to vape a lot or be blowing obnoxiously large clouds in public. Some people like to produce large clouds of vapor, but we find that this isn’t typically the case for people who are just trying to stop smoking cigarettes.

Top 5 Salt Nic E-Liquid Options at HQ Vape & Smoke

We have a massive selection of salt nic e-liquid. We only keep premium options from trusted brands in stock, so you really can’t go wrong. That said, we find that our customers often say the following five are the best salt nic e-liquids:

  1. Pure Fruit by Aqua Salts
  2. Blu Raz by Salt Factory
  3. Jewel Mint by POD JUICE
  4. Fuji Apple by Pacha Mama Salts
  5. Straw-nana by Bodega Electric Elixers (another local vape company here in Arizona)

What is Low Nicotine E-Liquid?

Vapers may choose low nicotine e-liquid for a few different reasons. Some people like this because they’ve already started to reduce their dependence on nicotine, or maybe they never smoked very much to begin with. In either case, a high level of nicotine might be too intense. Some people also find it important to make sure they’re getting a low enough level of nicotine in their e-liquid that they can vape as much as they want to without getting too much nicotine. 

Top 5 Low Nic E-Liquid Options

Here at HQ Vape & Smoke in Tempe, we pride ourselves on carrying a wide selection of e-liquid at all different levels of nicotine. If you’re interested in some of our low nic e-liquid, the following five make for a great place to start:

  1. Iced Watermelon by Reds E-Juice
  2. Strawberry Pom (aka Brain Freeze) by Naked 100
  3. Number 32 – Funnel Cake by Beard Vape Co.
  4. Big Worm by Wonder Vapes (another local vape company here in Arizona)
  5. SubZero by Halo E-Liquids

Buy Nic Salts in Tempe & Denver at HQ Vape & Smoke

No matter which type of e-juice you want, you can find it here at HQ Vape & Smoke. Our staff has excellent product knowledge, and they’ll be happy to walk you through all of your options. Come see us in Tempe and Denver to find the best nic salts on the market, or contact us with questions.



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