Vaping is not just a hobby. While some consider it as a stress reliever, others think of it as a social activity, and for others, it is a challenge to fine-tune their mods to achieve dense clouds. No matter what your take on vaping, we’ve got a vaporizer for you―including:

• E-cigarettes
• Mods
• Pods
• Pens
• Disposable

We have a wide selection, from monster mods equipped for hours of vaping, to slender pens that can easily fit in a pocket. We have vapes with a variety of different atomizer configurations, including mesh coils. If the range of options is a little overwhelming, do not panic as our staff is happy to take you through the ins and outs of each brand.


One of the big draws to vaping, particularly for those who have switched over from cigarettes, is the sheer volume of e-liquid flavors available. As the premier smoke shop in Tempe, we have a smorgasbord of brands to tickle your taste buds, such as:

• Air Factory
• Reds Apple eJuice
• Naded 100
• Candy King
• Solace

Whether you prefer the classic tastes of tobacco and menthol or have a sweet tooth for candy-inspired e-liquids, we have something for you. If you are feeling adventurous and want to try something new, do not hesitate to ask our staff for their favorites. We are always down to share our insider flavor information.

420 (Oil, Wax, & Leaf)

HQ emphasizes more than traditional vaping. We also carry the many accessories you need to consume CBD whichever way you prefer. Our selection of vaporizers includes:

• Oil vapes
• Wax & Concentrate vapes
• Leaf vaporizers

Looking for something slim and portable? The PAX3 is Bluetooth capable and does not have any buttons. Prefer a pen to a boxy mod? The Puffco Peak is definitely one that will spark your interest. Fascinated by something completely different? Ooze Slim Twist features a new preheat mode and an adjustable temperature setting perfect for veteran or new use.


There is something so timeless about traditional glass. At Headquarters, we understand that a proper piece is not just a tool, but a work of art. With the likes of HicDogg (local artisan glassblower) and Home Blown Glass, our intricate details will blow you away.

For those who prefer something less flashy, we stock the sleek lines and modern designs of Illuminati Glass. Or maybe you want to feel like a high roller with the newest from Snoop Dogg Pounds. If you are not sure what you need, our staff love helping newcomers find their perfect vaping experience. We can help you figure out exactly what equipment you need to become a bona fide cloud chaser.


Vape & Smoke Shop in Tempe

With the name HQ, it is no surprise we aim to be your one-stop smoke shop. We are here to supply, both physically and mentally. Whatever accessories, equipment, or vaping knowledge you need, Headquarters is your local resource.

Whether you want to hear about the latest vapes or need a breakdown of the basics, we’re happy to share our know-how. Learn more about our shop by calling (480) 966-6093 or visit us online today!