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HQ Vape & Smoke carries the best glass products in Tempe, AZ. HQ Vape & Smoke carries a variety of glass pieces and glass accessories from many different artists and brands.

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Medicali, ROOR, Sheldon Black, ZONG, HVY,  Clover Glass, Diamond Glass, Platinum Glass, Amsterdam Glass, Illuminati Glass, Snoop Dogg Pounds Glass, Home Blown Glass, Empire Glass, Liquid Glass, Jerome Baker, GRAV Labs, Helix, USA, Eyce Silicone, Dope Ass Glass, Hicc Dog, Hops, Ripper, Steve H, Chris Geile, Spanish Fly, Krunx, Mad Scientist, Steve Sieslove, Glass Lab 303, State of the Art, Humble Glass, 13 Glass, HiSi, Graffix, Nobel soft Glass, 503 Liberty Glass, Snodgrass, MIO, SIK Glass, Royal Glass, Catalyst Glass by Fish, ZOB, idab Glass, BC Glass by Brent Cook, Famous Glass, Cheech & Chong Glass, Sky Glass, Health Stone Glass, Opti Flavor Quartz Bangers, Hive Ceramics, Hive Brothership, Hive OmniNail, Hive Quave, Hive Bangers, Hive Onyx, CRUSH Glass, RoadRunner Glass, Sliders by HBG, Quartz Thermal Bangers, Terp slurp bangers, nectar collectors, hoyes quartz american bangers, the original Toker 2, Mini-toker 2, LQL glass, Davey Cakes Glass, Marley glass, Jane West Glass, Aqua Glass, Phoenix Glass, Envy Glass, Ancient Creations, Hawaiian Celebration Pipes, plus much more!

Glass pipes and accessories are a key part of an excellent smoking experience, and HQ Vape & Smoke is here to
ensure you’re covered with the best of the best. We offer a wide variety of different glass smoking accessories so
you can find that perfect experience you’ve been looking for without sacrificing a single bit of quality along the way.
While there are always other options to choose from, glass as a material has some serious benefits that make it ideal
for smoking, and which set it leagues apart from other product types.


Types of Glass Pipes We Carry


In the smoke and vape world, home blown glass comes in all shapes and sizes. These are usually the many-colored
additions you find under the glass counter at your favorite smoke shop that seem to come in almost any shade or
design you could want. Some of the most popular types of glass pipes out there include:

• Chillums, the basic straight pipe, the most popular are called one hitters because of the bowl size
• Spoons, like chillums but with a rounded bowl at the end and a carb on the side
• Steamrollers, an open-ended pipe that can also have glass-on-glass attachment options
• Bubblers, also known as a “water pipes”
• “Sherlock” or “Gandalf” pipes, which feature long stems

While each of these types of glass gets the job done in different ways, they all serve to provide a clean smoking
experience full of excellent benefits.

Why Choose a Glass Piece?


As a smoke fan, you have the option to choose between plastic, glass, metal, and several other materials when it
comes to your products? So why glass? Simply put, it provides the cleanest, more pure-tasting smoke experience.
The typical glass used to make pipes is neither porous nor combustible, so it adds nothing unwanted to the smoke
experience, allowing users to get the full flavor of their product of choice. Furthermore, you won’t be breathing in
slowly-melting plastic particles, which is always a plus.

The last thing you want to do is ignore resin buildup on the inside of your pipe. This is what leads to clogged and
damaged pipes. Fortunately, having a pipe made of glass makes keeping an eye out for buildup easy. Cleaning that
resin is also easier when dealing with glass.  With several cleaning options and techniques you can keep it clean as a
whistle every time you use it, or if it has been a while since the last cleaning, give it a good soak to help dissolve the
build up and get it back to the way it looked when new.

Finally, glass is just prettier to look at. With nearly endless colors and designs to choose from (many of them unique
and hand-blown), you can easily customize your smoke experience to suit your preferences and show off a little of
your personality. Some of the glass that is made with a fuming technique will seem the change colors as you use it,
not to worry though it will return to the original color when cleaned.

Shop The Best Glass Shop in Tempe


With all of these benefits on your side, why not choose glass for your next pipe or accessory? Visit your expert glass shop in Tempe
to take a look at some fine products and get more information on how glass is simply the best option
for those looking for a good, clean, pure-tasting smoke

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