HQ Vape & Smoke carries the best glass products in Tempe, AZ. HQ Vape & Smoke carries a variety of glass pieces and glass accessories from artists and brands including:


Medicali, ROOR, Sheldon Black, ZONG, HVY,  Clover Glass, Diamond Glass, Platinum Glass, Amsterdam Glass, Illuminati Glass, Snoop Dogg Pounds Glass, Home Blown Glass, Empire Glass, Liquid Glass, Jerome Baker, GRAV Labs, Helix, USA, Eyce Silicone, Dope Ass Glass, Hicc Dog, Hops, Ripper, Steve H, Chris Geile, Spanish Fly, Krunx, Mad Scientist, Steve Sieslove, Glass Lab 303, State of the Art, Humble Glass, 13 Glass, HiSi, Graffix, Nobel soft Glass, 503 Liberty Glass, Snodgrass, MIO, SIK Glass, Royal Glass, Catalyst Glass by Fish, ZOB, idab Glass, BC Glass by Brent Cook, Famous Glass, Cheech & Chong Glass, Sky Glass, Health Stone Glass, Opti Flavor Quartz Bangers, Hive Ceramics, Hive Brothership, Hive OmniNail, Hive Quave, Hive Bangers, Hive Onyx, CRUSH Glass, RoadRunner Glass, Sliders by HBG, Quartz Thermal Bangers, Terp slurp bangers, nectar collectors, hoyes quartz american bangers, the original Toker 2, Mini-toker 2, LQL glass, Davey Cakes Glass, Marley glass, Jane West Glass, Aqua Glass, Phoenix Glass, Envy Glass, Ancient Creations, Hawaiian Celebration Pipes, plus much more!

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